PostCalls™, a CallingPost company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved commercial division Website,

Reflecting newly added products and features, as well as solutions, the fresh-faced Website brings new, innovative uses and capabilities to voice broadcasting. Businesses seeking affordable, strategic and unique marketing capabilities will benefit the most from the new PostCalls™ Website.

“This is just the beginning,” affirms Phil Alexander, CEO and Founder of CallingPost Communications. “PostCalls will be adding several new features in 2010, which is something we are very excited about, as it positions not only our company but our clients’ companies for growth in 2010. From the beginning, our primary goal has always been to help others. This new website and the new features do just that,” Alexander adds.

“Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of our improved products, resources and solutions,” says Alexander. “We’ve streamlined many of our applications making the user experience much easier,” he continues. The new Website is peppered with information including an ‘industry solutions’ free report for voice broadcasting with over 20 pages of topics, including best practices, script tips, marketing ideas and solutions. PostCalls™ strongly suggests following the ideas and tips mentioned in the report, as it helps the user get the most out of this voice broadcasting business tool.

Adding to an already client-centric service, including personal Customer Care and seasoned, knowledgeable Account Managers, these additions take PostCalls™ from being great to exceptional. Clients across the board are ecstatic about the enhancements. “I’m so excited about these changes! I think [it] is great,” exclaims one user and adding, “I can’t wait to try the new system. Being a small business owner, I can appreciate any help with my business. Thanks for doing this.”

“Personal customer service has been one of the hallmarks of our success,” Alexander states. “Because every business is different, we want to discover and create effective solutions based on your specific industry needs. This is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors – we’re there when you need us,” Alexander encourages.

Since 1995, CallingPost Communications has sent over 100 million messages for well over 65 thousand clients. CallingPost attributes their success to proven reliability and results, which they believe make their service an indispensable tool for those wanting to save valuable time and resources. The inspiration behind their products and tools is helping the user work smarter, not harder, and effectively multiplying their clients’ communication efforts.

CallingPost Communications, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Phil Alexander, a soccer coach and nuclear engineer, after recognizing the need for an easy-to-use automated calling system for volunteer organizations. Services are available in all areas of the continental United States, as well Canada and Puerto Rico. For more information about CallingPost Communications, Inc. and its services, please visit