Although direct mail is an effective marketing tool, the challenge for many companies has been how to increase direct mail response rates. Having even 5% of the total direct mails (snail mails, emails) responded to would be a dream come true for many businesses but how can we improve upon that further? Utilize voice broadcasting.

The advancement in technology has given birth to one of the most powerful marketing concepts of the 21st century; voice broadcasting! Have you heard of voice broadcasting? Wondering what its all  about?

Voice broadcasting is the computerized delivery of voice messages. These messages are played to a person when the call is answered. Alternatively, these may also be delivered as voice mail or recorded to an answering machine. Why is this method powerful? Unless a person is non-existent, reception of the recording to an answering machine is guaranteed!

How can voice broadcasting increase direct mail response rates?

Traditionally, snail mail and emails have been ‘dumped’ into people’s post boxes and email inboxes. ‘Dumped’ is what the target market thinks. Sending out a voice recording prior to the delivery of direct mails will, subconsciously, attach importance to what is being sent. It receives more respect than the average ‘uninvited visitor’ kind of mails. It is this perceived respect that acts as a trigger to increase response rate.

Do you see how your direct mails can stand out from the crowd?

A well known magazine in the US recently used voice broadcasting for the subscription forms it sent out. What was the result? The increase in subscriptions was tripled that of the previous months when no voice broadcasting was used. Brilliant? It sure is!

With tripled subscriptions, came a 300% increase in the average revenue! This deserves a big ‘WOW!’

Usually 20% of direct mails are opened, the response rate is normally 1-2%. You must ask yourself this question. Are you maximizing your resources? Are your direct marketing efforts proving cost effective and producing? Couple it with voice broadcasting and get ready to be amazed!

Are you ready to start with voice broadcasting? Do you want to know how it works? It’s easy. Give us a recorded message along with a list of people whom you want to reach out to. Through advanced computerized systems, we are able to deliver thousands of  recorded messages at the snap of a finger! Instead of you sitting down and calling up every person on the contact list, our system will simultaneously transfer your message to numerous callers at once.

If seeing is believing; then get ready, the increase in direct mail response rates with the help of voice broadcasting it’s sure to make lots of believers! Give us a call today!