Failing Better Leads to Success


Failing Better Leads to Success

A friend of mine is a successful businessman, running an international company that he started from scratch. Before Fred became successful, though, he spent 10 years losing money going from one failed venture to the next. That’s the point where many people would have packed it in and gone to work for another businessman.

But not Fred.

“Quitting wasn’t an option for me,” Fred told me. “I had to learn to fail better every time...


Fun Facts to Celebrate Presidents Day

Fun Facts to Celebrate Presidents Day

On Presidents Day we celebrate the 45 men who have served in the nation’s highest office. Many performed spectacular deeds before taking office and many helped make the United States the great nation it is today. But there are sometimes interesting facts about the Presidents that are not widely known. Here are a few:

Ways To Use PostCalls

  • Follow up calls
  • Reminder calls/ Save the Date
  • Specials/ Special Events/ Notifications
  • Preferred customer updates, news
  • Deadlines or time sensitive news
  • Notice of utility cut off
  • Client notification of automated payment/ credit card expiration change
  • College or Tech school recruitment follow up/ Notification/Orientation/Fees Due
  • Birthday Club
  • Remind colleagues of Conference Call or Sales Meeting
  • Replace Calling Trees
  • Event Invitations and Reminders
  • Announce Company News
  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Real Estate Property Management Notifications (building updates, weather, repairs)
  • Customer Order and Shipment Notifications
  • Provide Appointment Reminders
  • Broadcast Urgent Notifications
  • Broadcast Weather-Related Cancellations
  • Emergency Procedure Messages
  • Broadcast Emergency Alerts
  • Send Phone Reminders of Event
  • Inform New Venue or Time Changes
  • Provide Last-Minute Directions
  • Make Instant Thank You Calls
  • Provide Event Follow-ups
  • Announce New Baby
  • Update Family while on Overseas Duty
  • Send Prayer Requests
  • Effectively relay policies, schedule changes, emergency notification, and other alerts.
  • Distribute motivational messages and similar information about employee contests and perks.
  • Communicate consistently for optimal employer-employee interaction.
  • Quarterly renewal
  • Schedule monthly/quarterly/semi or yearly inspection

Why Labor Day?

Did you know that in the late 1800s the average American worked 12-hours per day, seven-days a week to make a living. Even children as young as 6 often worked in mills, factories and mines in America. It was fairly common to see people working in unsafe conditions with many injuries and even deaths. We had just moved from an agricultural economy into an industrial revolution. When we consider America's labor history, we should view our jobs of today as tremendous blessings.

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of those American workers. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.

I've always admired the devoted and hard working men and women of America. They have persevered through a wide range of economies and wars. Labor is one of the key elements that has made this country great.  We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have, and continue to produce goods and products that we all take for granted. Many people today did not get a chance to work in the fields or factories. My parents were hard workers and always helped others.  I can remember when I was young, picking cotton, raising truck crops and even occasionally plowing with a mule. Even though times were tough we didn't notice.  We thought every one else was in the same boat.  Those were fun times and they definitely taught us many lessons and a sincere appreciation of the abundance of Gods blessings.

For many Americans, Labor Day also announces the end of summer and is celebrated with picnics, parades and athletic events. I hope this little background helps us all to stop and appreciate Labor in America a little more and how we are so blessed in so many ways today. Lets all pull together to keep this great country great. God bless America!


Written By: Phil Alexander, Founder of CallingPost


Voice broadcasting and Social Media

The latest buzz word to hit the Internet arena is Social Media. So what exactly is it? Social Media is the name given to the collection of many websites that allow users to interact, share ideas, photos, personal experiences etc. Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and Digg are some of the biggest names in the Social Media circuit. Recently twitter has joined their ranks. But there are many other worthy contenders with millions of followers.

As the popularity of this collective form of media continues to grow, companies are identifying the methods in which social media can facilitate them to better understand, react to, and draw the interest of their target audience.  It is probably the most under utilized resource in Business Marketing. Social Media Marketing can not only help improve a business’ relations with its customers  but also decrease marketing costs, customer services cost and even help generate more customers EXPONENTIALLY. And if it is coupled with our Voice Broadcasting technology it can add a whole new stream of income to your business profits.

Voice Broadcasting can become a very powerful tool in your arsenal of Marketing tools as it can influence hundreds of people across the Social Media circle and increase the returns for your business. Every time one of your contacts is dialed up through our Voice Broadcasting system, they can be asked to visit your business site or social media sales page for example on FaceBook. Within a few minutes of that phone call,  interested customers will begin to look you up on the internet. And since, with our Voice Broadcasting systems, thousands of phone calls can be made at a time the possibilities of new leads are endless!

Businesses are coming up with newer and better ways of corresponding with existing customers and recommending more products and services to old and new customers alike. The need to differentiate themselves from the market is huge for companies. With a successful Voice Broadcasting campaign they are sure to generate good business. It is used to get potential clients to visit the website and to propose to them a clear line of action. Applying the voice broadcasting technology is very easy and can be amazingly valuable for your business. It can be used to get existing customers to revisit your premises (on-line or off-line) and turn new leads into new customers for your business. Be one of the innovators to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to couple two powerful marketing machines. Happy growing your business!



PostCalls New Look and Features!

PostCalls™, a CallingPost company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved commercial division Website,

Reflecting newly added products and features, as well as solutions, the fresh-faced Website brings new, innovative uses and capabilities to voice broadcasting. Businesses seeking affordable, strategic and unique marketing capabilities will benefit the most from the new PostCalls™ Website.

“This is just the beginning,” affirms Phil Alexander, CEO and Founder of CallingPost Communications. “PostCalls will be adding several new features in 2010, which is something we are very excited about, as it positions not only our company but our clients’ companies for growth in 2010. From the beginning, our primary goal has always been to help others. This new website and the new features do just that,” Alexander adds.

“Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of our improved products, resources and solutions,” says Alexander. “We’ve streamlined many of our applications making the user experience much easier,” he continues. The new Website is peppered with information including an ‘industry solutions’ free report for voice broadcasting with over 20 pages of topics, including best practices, script tips, marketing ideas and solutions. PostCalls™ strongly suggests following the ideas and tips mentioned in the report, as it helps the user get the most out of this voice broadcasting business tool.

Adding to an already client-centric service, including personal Customer Care and seasoned, knowledgeable Account Managers, these additions take PostCalls™ from being great to exceptional. Clients across the board are ecstatic about the enhancements. “I’m so excited about these changes! I think [it] is great,” exclaims one user and adding, “I can’t wait to try the new system. Being a small business owner, I can appreciate any help with my business. Thanks for doing this.”

“Personal customer service has been one of the hallmarks of our success,” Alexander states. “Because every business is different, we want to discover and create effective solutions based on your specific industry needs. This is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors – we’re there when you need us,” Alexander encourages.

Since 1995, CallingPost Communications has sent over 100 million messages for well over 65 thousand clients. CallingPost attributes their success to proven reliability and results, which they believe make their service an indispensable tool for those wanting to save valuable time and resources. The inspiration behind their products and tools is helping the user work smarter, not harder, and effectively multiplying their clients’ communication efforts.

CallingPost Communications, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Phil Alexander, a soccer coach and nuclear engineer, after recognizing the need for an easy-to-use automated calling system for volunteer organizations. Services are available in all areas of the continental United States, as well Canada and Puerto Rico. For more information about CallingPost Communications, Inc. and its services, please visit



PostCalls™ Voice Broadcasting Services Welcome Alaska with Open Arms

AUGUSTA, GA (PR WEB) April 5, 2010 – PostCalls™, a CallingPost company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its voice broadcasting services to Alaska, welcoming the new state to their voice messaging reach. PostCalls™ is experiencing consistent expansion momentum, keeping true to its exponential growth since May of last year when the borders were broken from the lower 48 states with the addition of Canada and Puerto Rico.

Our clients will no longer need to send separate messages to Alaska,” says Phil Alexander, CEO and Founder of CallingPost Communications. “This growth enables us to continue to make our clients’ messaging experience much easier, plus it helps them grow and expand, sending their messages even further than before,” he continues. PostCalls™, the commercial division of CallingPost Communications, is continuing to see record growth since their inception.  Because of this, they are able to maintain their offer to businesses of premium voice broadcasting services, specializing in providing effective communication solutions through a simple, easy-to-use interface and a results-driven system.

“Our mission is to help our users communicate more efficiently, and our goal is to make it possible for them to broadcast their message to all parts of the world, in addition to North America,” affirms Alexander. “We intend to keep expanding, and someday soon maybe we’ll become the global one-to-many messenger,” he adds with a smile.  “Along with the recent addition of the new PostCalls features, this service expansion is something we are very excited about; we’re thrilled to be able to provide this for our clients and plan to keep full steam ahead,” Alexander encourages.

“Adding Alaska to our messaging reach has been something many of our loyal clients have been waiting on, faithfully.  Everything we do is for our clients, from the features we create and the quality of our service to working diligently with federal, state and local agencies like the FCC and FBI to prevent fraud and misuse of this very powerful tool.   It’s why we have been able to grow so fast; we’re committed to our clients’ success, and that’s why they stay,” Alexander continues.

Since 1995 when they invented hosted automated message delivery, CallingPost Communications has sent over one hundred million messages for well over 65 thousand clients. CallingPost™ attributes their success to proven reliability, verifiable results and personal Customer Care, which they believe make their service an indispensable tool for those who want to save valuable time and resources. The inspiration behind their products and tools is to help the user work smarter, not harder, effectively multiplying the efforts of their clients.

CallingPost Communications, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Phil Alexander, a soccer coach and nuclear engineer, after recognizing the need for an easy-to-use automated calling system for volunteer organizations. Services are now available in all areas of the continental United States, including Alaska, as well Canada and Puerto Rico. For more information about PostCalls™ and its services please visit For more information about CallingPost Communications, Inc. and its services, please visit



Voice Broadcasting increases direct mail response.

Although direct mail is an effective marketing tool, the challenge for many companies has been how to increase direct mail response rates. Having even 5% of the total direct mails (snail mails, emails) responded to would be a dream come true for many businesses but how can we improve upon that further? Utilize voice broadcasting.

The advancement in technology has given birth to one of the most powerful marketing concepts of the 21st century; voice broadcasting! Have you heard of voice broadcasting? Wondering what its all  about?

Voice broadcasting is the computerized delivery of voice messages. These messages are played to a person when the call is answered. Alternatively, these may also be delivered as voice mail or recorded to an answering machine. Why is this method powerful? Unless a person is non-existent, reception of the recording to an answering machine is guaranteed!

How can voice broadcasting increase direct mail response rates?

Traditionally, snail mail and emails have been ‘dumped’ into people’s post boxes and email inboxes. ‘Dumped’ is what the target market thinks. Sending out a voice recording prior to the delivery of direct mails will, subconsciously, attach importance to what is being sent. It receives more respect than the average ‘uninvited visitor’ kind of mails. It is this perceived respect that acts as a trigger to increase response rate.

Do you see how your direct mails can stand out from the crowd?

A well known magazine in the US recently used voice broadcasting for the subscription forms it sent out. What was the result? The increase in subscriptions was tripled that of the previous months when no voice broadcasting was used. Brilliant? It sure is!

With tripled subscriptions, came a 300% increase in the average revenue! This deserves a big ‘WOW!’

Usually 20% of direct mails are opened, the response rate is normally 1-2%. You must ask yourself this question. Are you maximizing your resources? Are your direct marketing efforts proving cost effective and producing? Couple it with voice broadcasting and get ready to be amazed!

Are you ready to start with voice broadcasting? Do you want to know how it works? It’s easy. Give us a recorded message along with a list of people whom you want to reach out to. Through advanced computerized systems, we are able to deliver thousands of  recorded messages at the snap of a finger! Instead of you sitting down and calling up every person on the contact list, our system will simultaneously transfer your message to numerous callers at once.

If seeing is believing; then get ready, the increase in direct mail response rates with the help of voice broadcasting it’s sure to make lots of believers! Give us a call today!



Celebrity Endorsement using Voice Broadcasting

Celebrity Endorsement coupled with voice broadcasting can bring amazing results. Are you experiencing falling demand? Shrinking sales? Diminishing profits? Voice broadcasting can be a small business dream come true!

Voice broadcasting- a voice message being sent out to numerous people concurrently- has given the world of marketing and advertisements a new dimension. Its effectiveness has thrilled most  business managers when done correctly. You too will be in utter amazement once you understand the power of this marketing method.

Voice broadcasting has been known to boost sales by up to 30, 40 and even 50 percent! To push the limits even further, the concept of ‘celebrity endorsement’ can now be integrated into your voice broadcasting campaign.

Celebrity endorsement is the usage of a celebrity to promote a product or brand. Imagine your favorite starlet celebrity insisting, on the phone, that you buy a certain brand of jeans. Many would go ahead and buy the whole shop. Seriously!

Many famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Rolex have taken advantage of celebrity endorsement and its tremendous marketing power. The heights they have conquered are visible to all of us. Voice broadcasting with a pinch of celebrity endorsement will increase your profits dramatically in no time!

We live in a world where everything from chewing gums to solar panel manufactures have numerous firms competing in the same field. To make your business easily distinguishable from the crowd, you need to give your marketing campaigns a power boost. Celebrity endorsement will do just that for you.

Celebrities have millions of followers. Imagine having a small fraction of that number as your customers. Can voice broadcasting  do wonders for your business? Take a few moments to think about it. Imagine having a few hundred additional customers at your restaurant everyday!

How should you start? Have a voice message recorded and sent to us with a long list (hundreds, thousands) of customers, you want to send out the voice recording to. Once we have the message that needs to be broadcasted, we will call up everyone on the provided list of people and help you get the results you’re looking for.

What next? See the results manifest in no time at all. Voice broadcasting with celebrity endorsement has a high prospect to customer conversion ratio. In other words, celebrity endorsement coupled with voice broadcasting will go the extra mile.

Do you want leave behind dust for your competitors in the race to succeed? Voice broadcasting with celebrity endorsement is what your business needs. Give us a call today!



Voice Broadcasting for Profit

Voice broadcasting can boost your profits by as much as 30 percent. Those professionals who have already made use of this amazing tool agree.  And most of them believe this is an understatement. They say that voice broadcasting is much more powerful a concept and that it has the potential to double your profits in a short amount of time. We know this to be true because of its multiplication power!

Are you new to the world of voice broadcasting? Let’s add a twist to it; with voice broadcasting, you can simultaneously get in touch with thousands! What’s more? This isn’t an email sort of thing where you spam all those on your contacts list. Voice broadcasting is different. Its simplicity will have you really looking forward to all the potential growth that it promises once you understand the concept.

Voice broadcasting, in a nutshell,  is a communication technique where by a voice message can be simultaneously sent out to a large number of people. An example of this would be a hundred people being called up at the same time and the desired message being played out to them all at once.

Voice broadcasting is about calling up the right people with the right message. Imagine reaching out a thousand of your previous customers with a promotional voice message like;

“Hi, This is Stephanie from Ladies Inc. I would like to thank you for purchasing our hand bags.We have added a new collection of hand bags to our stocks. Please visit our website at to take advantage of all the promotions only found there. Once you’ve done that, we would love to see you drop by. Have a great day!”

Can you see the power of sending out such a message to people? Do you see the potential increase in business sales and profits that voice broadcasting has in store for you?

How can you start off with voice broadcasting? The procedure is as simple as 1-2-3-4!

1. You record a message to be sent out
2. Give us the list of contacts to which these messages need to be delivered. These can be prospects, potential customers and friends.
3. We will get the message through in a matter of minutes.
4. See your profits kiss the sky!

Can you afford voice broadcasting? It will surprise you to know that an effective technique as this one will only cost you a tiny fraction of what you spend on your other marketing mediums such as emails and billboard advertisements! The conversion rate of voice broadcasting is head and shoulders above the rest of the traditional marketing methods!

The longer you wait, the more potential sales and profits you will be losing out on. Give us a call now and you’ll be taking your second vacation before you know it!