1.     On your computer, find your contact/member file.

2.     Export (download) your list. *If you are not sure how to do this call me for help. I may have printed instructions for your particular company system.

3.     Save and name your file using a name that you will remember. *Make sure you know where you saved your file and what you named it so it is easy to find when importing into Postcalls.

4.     IMPORT INSTRUCTIONS.  Login to your PostCalls account. Go to add group, name your group, or go to an existing group (You will normally choose "Add a group and import or manually enter members"- the second option)

5.     If you are using the Caller ID feature, click on the Default Caller ID arrow and choose your number, and click Save. (if you do not see this feature, you will have to go to Profile at the top of the page and submit a Caller ID to add to your account.)

6.     Click View New Group

7.     Under Group, go to Import Members

8.     It will ask you to Select the File to Import. Click on the browse button which will open a box that says Choose File.

9.     Find your file and click Open. Then click next.

10.  Please select the 'Import Column' that corresponds with the 'File Column'. (This means you are going to set up what to import from your spreadsheet (For example: first name, last name, and phone number). All drop down boxes are set to 'Do Not Import'. You will only change the ones you want to import to the correct title.

11.   Select what you want to import from the "File Sample Data". *If you want to import only phone numbers, go to the column of phone numbers and select that, otherwise (go to next step)

12.  Find the column that has a first name. Click on the drop down box next to it and select First name.

13.  Find the column that has the last name. Click on the drop down box next to it and select Last name.

14.  Find the column that has the phone number. Click on the drop down box next to it and select phone number. *If your names are in the same column, select the correct format in the drop down box under Combined Names.

15.  Go to the bottom of this page and click Next.

16.  A list of errors may display, but the errors are explained. (For example: number already in import file, number not long enough, does not want to receive calls).

17.  The number of members imported should be listed. Click Return to Group so you can view your members

***If you have more than one column of phone numbers and you want to import all, you will first import one of the columns, go back to the group and import members. Repeat the steps again with the other column.


How to Export a list from PostCalls

To export a contact list from PostCalls, click on the group in your account, go to Export Members, choose Export all members, and save to your computer.