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PostCalls™  is a voice messaging system that allows you to send or schedule a recorded message to your target audience: team, staff, customers, prospects, target audience.  It is the perfect time-saver for reminders, follow ups, invitations, notices, to dos, and more.

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With voice broadcasting, you can send your voice messages anywhere, anyplace, anytime to thousands of people at once. And PostCalls is the ultimate voice messaging solution to save time and make money. Your message is guaranteed delivery if it reaches voicemail and is not trashed as is common in email or direct mail campaigns. More than this, if done correctly it gives the appearance of a real one on one call when it reaches voice mail. 

Voice broadcasting increases results and return on investment for many of today’s business industries.

Multiply Your Efforts NOW with PostCall’s Voice Broadcast Services


  • A proven and reliable voice messaging system since 1995
  • Affordable per call rates, no sign up fees, no subscription fees, no long distance charges
  • Knowledgeable and unrivaled Customer Service
  • Online contact management – Import/upload contact files to your account or manually enter contact information
  • No software to download or equipment to purchase
  • Messages are delivered anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Four (4) automatic re-dials on unanswered and busy signals
  • Set up recurring message callouts and recurring message reminders
  • Upload your message in a wav. format
  • Create messages and deliver immediately or schedule for a later date/time via phone and web
  • Deliver to voice mail and answering machines
  • Record your outgoing message from the web application or phone
  • Detailed status reports and your call history available on line
  • Receive/track communication results via email
  • Customize your Caller ID
  • Two-minute call options
  • Live answer transfer


  • Increase your return on investment
  • Immediate increase in revenue and staff efficiency
  • Maximize sales and marketing efforts
  • Expand your branding footprint
  • Target a captive audience vs. mass branding
  • Business Continuity - mobilize people to act on time sensitive issues
  • Cost effective and time saving communication tool
  • Stay in constant contact with customers and prospects to improve productivity and response
  • Positive public relations and public service messages deployed quickly
  • Eliminate cold calling so your sales team can focus on hot leads
  • Extend this value added service to your client base
  • Increase website traffic with voice broadcasting
  • Intuitive and effective
  • Gives appearance of real one on one call in voice mail to customers