Our History

Since 1995, by saving time, money and MULTIPLYING our client’s efforts as well as providing outstanding customer service. . .

  • We’ve helped over 50,000 organizations send out millions of voice messages instantly on a regular basis.
  • We’ve helped thousands of charities and volunteer non-profit organizations raise millions in funds in just a matter of hours.
  • We’ve helped thousands of business increase sales by the millions by one click of a button.
  • We’ve helped save thousands of lives in seconds.

PostCalls pioneered the first free messaging service for volunteer leaders and non-profit groups. To date, we have sent well over 65 million messages to homes across the country. Schools, churches, scout troops, civic clubs, businesses, and presidential candidates are among the many groups that have benefited from the PostCalls message system.

Our Brand Promise

Our voice broadcasting tools and solutions will MULTIPLY your efforts by providing a. . .

  • Convenient: web or phone based
  • Easy: one click
  • Cost effective solution

To getting your message out (whether sales, branding, survey, marketing, public relations or informational)

  • Quickly: within seconds
  • Correctly: By creating the right tone that can ONLY be done through proper voice inflection.
  • And Efficiently.

Proven reliability has made PostCalls an indispensable tool for those who want to save valuable time and resources.