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+ Why should I use PostCalls to contact my members?

Contacting your team or group members individually can be a strenuous and time consuming job. By using PostCalls you have the ability to contact all of your members by simply recording a single 60 second message that is delivered to each contact/member’s phone or answering device.

+ The Primary account access number 866-992-7678 is not available. What can I do to access by phone?

Only in the event that the primary access number is not available you may access your account using the Alternate Account Access Number at 877-392-7678.

+ Are there any restrictions about sending out PostCalls messages?

Yes. A single contact/phone list should not contain over 5,000 phone numbers. However, your PostCalls account allows you to create numerous groups. You can only deliver 5,000 calls maximum to a single contact/phone list. If you have more than 5,000 phone numbers on your contact/phone list please e-mail us at Also, due to FCC regulations, PostCalls can only be used to contact people with whom you have a pre-established relationship with, e.g., business to customers or someone who has contacted your business for information. Additional stipulations are specified in the User Agreement. PostCalls delivers messages anywhere within the continental United States. Messages CANNOT be delivered to Alaska or Hawaii.

+ What do I do if I have questions about service after I register?

Please review the FAQs for a possible answer to your question. If your question is still unanswered, then email your question to

+ Can I use my PostCalls account at both my office and at home?

Yes. You may use your PostCalls national account anywhere you have access to the Internet and anywhere in the world with a touch-tone phone, including cell phones.

+ Do I have to download software?

No. Everything you need to perform contact/member management is contained within the web-site.

+ Will my contact/member list(s) be sold?

Our customers are important to us and we want you to be happy with your PostCalls experience. We will not sell any information that is recorded by you, including phone numbers. We safeguard the privacy of each and every contact/member!

+ How can I change my User ID number?

A request for the User ID number change must be submitted to

+ How do I register for the PostCalls Business Messaging service?

Simply click on the New User, Register Now icon and fill in the required information. Once you are registered you may add a group(s) and contact/member information. Afterwards, record and deliver your message from the web or call 1-866-992-POST.

+ I keep getting an error message indicating that my phone number is already in use. What does this mean and what do I have to do to register my phone number?

Phone numbers are utilized by PostCalls as the User ID number assigned to each national account. Someone in your household/office may have already set up a PostCalls Business Messaging account. Ensure the phone number was entered correctly, or please enter another phone number (e.g. cell, office, or pager) which will be used as your User ID.

+ Can I change/manage my Account Profile?

Yes, once you are logged in, click on the Edit Account Profile icon, in the left hand navigation bar.

+ I forgot my PIN number. Help?

At the PostCalls Home Page click on the "Member Log In" icon and follow the simple instructions at "Forgot Your PIN?".

+ How do I change my email address?

Once logged in, your e-mail address can be modified by clicking on the Edit Account Profile icon, in the left hand navigation bar.

+ Can I create/manage more than one Group?

Yes, your PostCalls national account allows you to create numerous groups. However, your contact/phone list for each group should not contain over 5,000 phone numbers as you can only purchase and deliver 5,000 calls maximum. If you need to contact more than 5,000 phone numbers please e-mail us at

+ Do I need individual User ID numbers for each group that I manage?

No. Your 10-digit PostCalls User ID and PIN will allow you to create and manage numerous group lists. There are no other IDs or PIN numbers to remember.

+ What information is needed to establish a contact/member list?

Member contact lists are created and managed on the web. The web allows you to view, modify and B>import contact/member lists consisting of a name (you determine if you want first, last or both) and 10-digit phone number.

+ I have built my contact/member list, how do I send a message?

Click Record/Send Message for the appropriate contact/member list. Messages can also be recorded and delivered by phone. Call 1-866-992-7678, enter your User ID and PIN and follow the voice prompts.

+ What is the maximum length message I can record?

60 seconds is the maximum length for a message.

+ Can PostCalls deliver messages to a business extension or voicemail account?

PostCalls messages must be delivered to a direct line. PostCalls messages cannot be delivered to a phone system that requires the entering of an extension number or forwarding by a person.

+ Can I record and/or deliver my messages on the internet?

Yes. Click Record/Send Message for the appropriate contact/member list. Messages can also be recorded and delivered by phone. Call 1-866-992-7678, enter your User ID and PIN and follow the voice prompts.

+ Why is there a check box adjacent to the phone number on the View Member List and the Add New Member pages?

A checked box indicates that a contact/member will receive your voice message(s). If you want to send a message to selected contact/members, simply uncheck the members who will not receive the message you will be distributing. Remember to recheck those contact/members once you have sent a message.

+ Will importing data corrupt or change my existing database?

Importing data creates a copy of the selected information and transfers that information into a new table in the PostCalls database. Your source table or file is not altered in this process.

+ How many names and phone numbers can I import and call with PostCalls?

Only 5,000 names and phone numbers can be called under your PostCalls Business Messaging account. Additional names and phone numbers may be imported, but authorization by PostCalls will be required before purchasing additional calls.

+ How do I upload/import a file?

A PostCalls Business Messaging account and a group have to be established first. Once your account is established and you are logged in, select the group to receive the imported contact/member list. Once at the View Member List page, click on the Import Members link and follow the import instructions.

+ New members have joined our group, how do I import the "new" members?

Depending on the number of "New" contact/members, it may be advantageous to input them one by one. To add contacts/members click on the Add New Members link on the View Member List page of the group that needs to be updated. If you have a considerable number of new members or major revisions to your contact/member list, it is probably best to delete all of the members from the member list and then import the data file containing the current information.

+ Can I delete a member from all of my groups?

Currently a contact/member who belongs to more than one group has to be deleted from each individual member list.

+ Can I schedule an outgoing message for delivery on a future date?

Yes. Once you have recorded your message follow the voice prompts to schedule the start and/or stop times of your message’s distribution.

+ How do I edit/change my Group Name?

Click on the group name and then click on the Edit Group Name link at the Administration page and change the group name as required.

+ I have a friend who doesn’t have a computer, can he/she use the PostCalls messaging service?

Unfortunately no. Contact/member lists have to be managed on the web.

+ Am I charged by the completed call, per attempt or by a per record basis?

PostCalls charges on a per record basis. Although a phone number may be busy or someone doesn’t have an answering machine PostCalls will try an additional four (4) attempts. However, you will only be charged for the first attempt (record).

+ What happens if the person doesn’t answer when PostCalls tries to deliver my message?

If someone is not available to answer, PostCalls will also deliver to an answering machine. If a phone line is busy or someone doesn’t have an answering machine PostCalls will attempt to deliver your message four additional (4) attempts.

+ Where can I find my balance of unused calls?

Once you are logged in, click on the Account Reports icon in the left hand navigation bar.

+ How do I erase an old message?

Simply record a new message.

+ How do I Cancel a message?

Call 1-866-992-7678, log in and select the appropriate group. If your message is still in the delivery cycle a prompt will play indicating so. Another prompt will play concerning canceling the undelivered messages. Canceling the message does not require you to re-record another message.

+ When are PostCalls messages delivered?

Your message will be delivered between 9AM and 9PM of each member’s local time zone. Messages that are recorded during off hours are queued for delivery beginning at 9:00 AM of the next day or as scheduled by you.

+ Is there an expiration date on my call package?

Yes. Call packages expire 180 days after purchase.

+ My computer is displaying source code and/or blank portions on a web page.

There is a problem receiving a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) stream from sites with Internet Explorer 5 when a delay occurs during a query. In most cases, the page is only partially displayed. Refreshing the page may result in a fully-formed page, however, subsequent refreshes may generate the same problem, a partial page or a page with scripted source code displayed. To solve the problem you can obtain a patch from Microsoft by clicking on the following link: Once at the above referenced Microsoft page scroll toward the bottom of the page and click on: Download 3725.exe.

+ During the purchase process I received an error message that said I need a "high-security" web browser and it also mentioned something about a "128-bit encryption". What does this mean?

Additional safety and security measures have been added by the financial institution that processes credit card purchases for PostCalls. You will need to upgrade your Internet browser. (Click here to obtain the free upgrade from Microsoft) Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher contains the high-security 128-bit encryption.

+ Is there a way my group members can call in and listen to a missed message?

Yes. PostCalls has an optional feature called "PGID". It gives you the ability to share a Public Group ID (PGID) number for each group with your group members. The PGID allows for a group member to call 1-800-941-5589, enter the PGID number and listen to the current message. Each message that is listened to will result in a call being deducted from your PostCalls account. The ability for a member to hear missed messages with the PGID number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For additional information on activating this feature contact Customer Care at

+ Can PostCalls deliver to cell phones?

Many cell phone carriers have various and lengthy greetings that may play before or after a personal voicemail greeting. In some instances, because of the length of the personal voicemail greeting, the PostCalls message may play by default resulting in a partial message being delivered.

+ What is an intercept call?

Intercept calls are usually the tri-tone message that is received from the phone company indicating: a phone number is not valid, is currently under service, has been blocked to receive incoming calls, or all circuits are busy. You may want to check the phone number(s) to ensure that it was entered correctly. If the phone number was entered correctly then call the number to determine what message the phone company is indicating.

+ Why do I or one of my members hear “Press one to hear your message? when I receive a PostCalls Message?

When PostCalls delivers a message to a phone number if our system has difficulty understanding if we have a person or an answering machine on the line you will receive this prompt. If you receive this prompt and press one to hear your message then you are indicating to us that we in fact have a person on the line and we will play the message twice for you. If one is not pressed then we treat the call as an answering machine on the line and we only play the message once.

+ Import/Export Detailed Instructions

  1. Sign in to your computer, find your list
  2. Export your list (sometimes called download) *If you are not sure how to do this call me for help, I may have printed instructions for your particular company system.
  3. Save and name your file to something that you will remember *make sure you know where you saved your file and what you name it, this makes it easier to find when importing into Postcalls.
  4. IMPORT INSTRUCTIONS-Login to your PostCalls account- Go to add group, name your group or go to an existing group (You will normally choose "Add a group and import or manually enter members"- the 2nd option)
  5. If you are using the caller id feature- click on the Default Caller ID arrow and choose your number, hit save (if you do not see this feature you will have to go to profile at the top of the page and submit a caller ID to add to your account.)
  6. Click View new Group
  7. Under group go to import members
  8. It will ask you to select the file to import - Click on the browse button (which will bring up a box that says choose file)
  9. Find your file-Click open- Then click next
  10. "Please select the 'Import Column' that corresponds with the 'File Column' " (this just means you are going to tell us what to import from your spreadsheet, example (first name, last name, and phone number), (all dropdown boxes are set to 'Do Not Import' you will only change the ones you want us to import to the correct title.
  11. Now select what you want to import from the "File Sample Data"
  12. If you only want to import phone numbers just go to the column of phone numbers and select that, otherwise
  13. Find the Column that has a first name, click on the drop down box next to it and select First name
  14. Find the Column that has the last name, click on the drop down box next to it and select Last name
  15. Find the Column that has the phone number, click on the drop down box next to it and select phone number
  16. If your names are in the same column, select the correct format in the drop down box under "combined names"
  17. Go to the bottom of this page and click Next
  18. You may have a list of errors come up, it will explain the errors, (example, number already in import file, number not long enough, does not want to receive calls)
  19. The number of imports should be listed, click Return to Group, and you can view your members

*If you have more than one column of phone numbers and you want to import both, you will import one column first, then go back to the group and import members and repeat the steps again with the other column.

+ How to Export a list from Postcalls

Click on your group in your account, go to export members. Choose export all members and save into your computer.


To record your outgoing message call toll-free 1-866-992-7678 Enter your 10-digit PostCalls User ID number Enter your 5-digit PIN number Notes: * A voice selection menu will play if you have more than one group. * The text-to-speech voice file WILL NOT accompany the outgoing message.

PRESS 1 - Listen To Your Saved Message * Message plays and returns to the previous menu

PRESS 2 - Record/Deliver Message * to Replay press 1 * to Re-record press 2 * to Save & Deliver your message NOW press 3 * to Save & Schedule the start & stop times of your message press 4 * to Save this message without delivering press 5 * to Return to the previous menu without saving or sending this message press the * key

PRESS 3 - To Schedule or Send A Saved Message * to Send this saved message NOW press 1 * to Set a start and stop date/time for the delivery of this saved message press 2 * to Return to the previous menu without sending this message press the * key

The * key will always back you up a step

Your message will be delivered as soon as possible. Please note that PostCalls will only deliver messages between 9AM and 9PM of each person's local time zone.

+ How to Send a Message from the Web

With a microphone attached to your computer you can Record and Deliver your outgoing message from the web. Click on the group name in the left hand margin that you want to record the message for and follow these steps:

1) Call Balance
Your Call Balance must be equal to or greater than the number of members to whom the message will be sent.

2) Record and Save Your Outgoing Message
Record up to a 60 second message.

3) Deliver Outgoing Message
Once your recording is saved you can initiate delivery to your group phone list.

+Message Library Instructions

To view your Message Library, log into your Postcalls account, across the top of the page click Message Library, you will see two tabs, Shared Messages and Group Messages.

All recorded messages will be saved in your message library, you can delete or share your message with any groups in your account.

To view a message go to the Group messages tab, your messages will be listed there.

  • To listen to your message click on the yellow megaphone
  • To edit a message click on the yellow pencil
  • To share your message click on the white pieces of paper
  • To delete your message click on the red X.
  • To add a message click on the green plus sign at the bottom right under the last message

To Share a message: go to the Shared Messages tab, * Pick the message you want to share, click on the white pieces of paper next to the red X

  • Copy message will come up, fill in the name of the message and click save
  • Your message has been copied to the shared file, click return to message library
  • Click on the Shared tab and your message will be there
  • To add a message into the shared file click on the green plus sign at bottom right, under the last message

To find your shared message(s)

  • Go to any group and click on Record/Send Message
  • Your shared message along with any message(s) you have recorded in that group will be in the box labeled Main Message
  • Choose the message you want to send by clicking on the blank circle in front of the name of the message, at this point you can listen to your message or click next and you can send or schedule your message.

+ How To Record/Deliver a Message By Web

*Call Balance-Your Call Balance must be equal to or greater than the number of members to whom the message will be sent.

With a microphone attached to your computer you can Record and Deliver your outgoing message from the web. Click on the group name in the left hand margin that you want to record the message for and follow these steps:

-Click on the group you want to record/send the message

-Click Record/Send Message

-In Main Message Box, choose an existing message or click on the microphone to the right of the box, "New Group Message"

-Add Message, choose to record message by audio recorder, use text to speech or upload a wave file

  1. -First, make sure the Recorder is displayed on your computer screen.
  2. To start recording click on the Record button (the circular shape). You can record up to 60 seconds for your message. (120 seconds available with request)
  3. When you are done, click the Stop button (the square shape).
  4. You may listen to your recording with the Play button (the triangular shape).
  5. To re-record your message just click the Record button again, and then follow steps 2, 3 & 4.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the recording, Click Save.
  7. Hit next and schedule or send your message