About The CallingPost Foundation


CallingPost Communications has been providing communication services to thousands of organizations for several years. We have found that most organizations have a wonderful mission and an extraordinary group of volunteers and/or staff. We have also found that many organizations are not operating at maximum efficiency.

Often, the good will and countless hours of effort by staff and volunteers are only 50% as effective as they could be. People who give of their time and resources want and deserve that their gifts be used as efficiently as possible. Ultimately everyone wins, especially the recipients of the organization’s efforts, when that organization is operating efficiently.

Many organizations realize that they are not operating as efficiently as they could be, but due to a shortage of funds or resources, they can’t afford the expense or time it would take to improve their situation. They are often stuck in a whirlpool and can’t get out.

Not Just Funding

Before the CallingPost Foundation Fund will provide actual financial help, it requires that an assessment be completed on the receiving organization. We are firm believers in the principal of making the best of whatever we provide.

The purpose is to help organizations with more than just funding. Although funding is very important, it is the desire of the CallingPost Foundation Fund to provide assistance that is often worth many times more than just the monetary gift in the long run.

The assessment is a two-step process provided at no cost as a result of good-hearted people with special training in operational efficiency. The first step consists of completing a simple ‘on-line’ questionnaire. The questionnaire is evaluated and may indicate that funds can be provided without further ‘hands-on’ help.

Network of “Hands-On” Help

CallingPost brings together a network of people who can perform operational studies and provide recommendations on how to improve teamwork and organizational efficiency. For example, sometimes the improvement recommendation may be as simple as buying and networking a few PC’s together in order to share data.

Through years of providing ‘Process Re-engineering’ to large and small organizations, the founder of CallingPost Communications has seen firsthand how even slight improvements in workflow can greatly increase efficiency of process. This same efficiency process is used at CallingPost to provide volunteer type organizations superior communication services at the lowest prices possible. This is why CallingPost can charge 3 – 5 times LESS for services than similar service providers.

Professionals from efficiency improvement type organizations volunteer their time to provide the assessments and recommendations. These are “hands-on” assessments, which would typically cost business organizations thousands of dollars.