From the phone number you want blocked:


1.  Call 405-308-4474

2.  Press "1" to have your number blocked from receiving any future messages

3.  System will repeat the number from which you are calling

4.  Press "1" to block the number from which you are calling Your number will be blocked immediately.


5.  Press "2" to block a different number

6.  Enter the number you wish to block

7.  System repeats the number entered

8.  Leave a message*

*To block a number other than the one from which you are calling, you must leave a message for Customer Care. A representative will block your number manually or return your call if you so request.

**Note: You also have the option to learn more about CallingPost by pressing "0".

CallingPost™ is a voice broadcasting service that organizations (churches, sports teams, civic groups, scouts, neighborhood associations, and more) use to send messages to their members. Due to the high volume of messages delivered by CallingPost™, a very small percentage of recipients occasionally receive a message in error. This happens because the sending organization inadvertently mistypes a digit of the phone number or the recipient has recently acquired a new phone number previously assigned to some else. Because of this, we offer these easy instructions for you to use to remove your number from our system. If you wish to only to be removed from a specific group and not our entire system, lease call Customer Care at 1-877-665-7678.