give your BUSINESS a voice with postcalls!

What is Postcalls?

  •  PostCalls is a voice for your company
  •  Instantly connect through voice broadcast
  • Connect from anywhere on any device
  • Manage employees and clients with our easy manager
  • Easily record and send messages with a personal touch
  • Allows you to respond effectively to any situation
  • Notify clients of sales, or alert employees on current situations.
  • Reach clients and employees with the personality of your voice

it's as easy as 1-2-3

 Business Communication

Add contacts

Easily import or export your member database.  Create custom fields, and organize into different groups. Create custom fields to meet your needs (i.e. volunteer position, etc.).

 Business Email

Create your message

Create and record your messages to send whenever you want.  Keep connections informed at a moments notice.

 Business Promotion


Check the status of all group communications from anywhere, anytime.  See whether a member received the message via live answer or voice mail, or if the message could not be delivered.

  • Easy set up and use.
  • No long distance charges.
  • Private and secure. Guaranteed.

Why Choose PostCalls?

Since 1995, by saving Time, Money and MULTIPLYING our client's efforts, we've helped over 50,000 organizations

send out millions of voice messages instantly.  WE MULTIPLY!

Try us for free!

There is no software to buy or download!

 business Alerts

No sign-up fees!

 business notifications

no hidden surcharges!

 company communications

no installations or equipment costs!