To record your outgoing message, perform the following steps.


Call toll-free 1-866-992-7678 

Enter your 10-digit PostCalls User ID number.

Enter your 5-digit PIN number.


  • A voice selection menu will play if you have more than one group.
  • The text-to-speech voice file WILL NOT accompany the outgoing message.


PRESS 1 - Listen To Your Saved Message

  Message plays and returns to the previous menu
PRESS 2 - Record/Deliver Message

  to Replay press 1
  to Re-record press 2
  to Save & Deliver your message NOW press 3
  to Save & Schedule the start & stop times of your message press 4
  to Save this message without delivering press 5
  to Return to the previous menu without saving or sending this message press the * key

PRESS 3 - To Schedule or Send A Saved Message

  to Send this saved message NOW press 1
  to Set a start and stop date/time for the delivery of this saved message press 2
  to Return to the previous menu without sending this message press the * key

The * (star) key will always back you up a step

Your message will be delivered as soon as possible.

Please note that PostCalls will only deliver messages between 9AM and 9PM of each person's local time zone.